The Upper Coomera Centre

The Centre has now been open for over a year and it's hard to imagine where everyone went before. This centre remains one of the highlights of my representation on your behalf. When I came to office no land had been purchased for the community facilities we so desperately needed in the north. We waited - and it was worth the wait, with the only integrated centre in our city offering a library, auditorium, swimming pool, customer service, meeting rooms and cafe. Makes me smile every day as I walk into my office at the Centre. Please feel welcome to visit any time!

The Ormeau Centre and Ormeau Skate Park

The Ormeau Centre is also now a popular meeting place for many groups and is providing a valuable space for residents. We have a ladies group for older women which meets for a free coffee and chat on the second Tuesday morning of each month along with a host of other activities for all age groups. For further information, contact my office on 5581 6301.

With the opening this year of the renovated Ormeau Skate Park, it was sensible to arrange wifi for the Ormeau Centre - which would extend to the skate precinct for young folk to post their skating achievements. Wifi has been well received with many simply visiting the Ormeau Centre for a coffee and logging on - and at the Skate Park where our youth can have instant access.

Woongoolba Tennis Club

The committee at Woongoolba Tennis Club is working hard to make improvements and to encourage participation at the Club. It is hoped that grant funding can be achieved to support removal of remaining asbestos and a change to the Local Government Act will now allow divisional allocations for capital improvements. Congratulations to all on their efforts to make this a first class club for residents of the area.

Rufous Whistler Park Pimpama

This park on Rifle Range Road North is being upgraded stage by stage. We have first installed car parking so that visitors to the park can safely access the new leash free dog exercise area and enjoy additional facilities, including exercise equipment for pets and seats and tables for mums and dads to watch over the kids on the skate park.

Heritage Park

The South Coast Restoration Society enjoys a lease at Heritage Park on Rifle Range Road at Pimpama. The Club has agreed to a revised lease area which will allow Council to develop a premium sports precinct on the land near the corner of Bull Road at the intersection with Rifle Range Road. I'm in the process of lobbying for a 50m pool and this site would be ideal. Funding for design was allocated in the 2015/16 budget and I will continue to press for delivery.




Donna Gates and Mayor Tom Tate at the official opening of the Upper Coomera Centre in July 2013.