Council has approved the development of a Harness Racing venue at Alberton in Zipfs Road.. The proposal is geared towards television viewing rather than public attendance and the approval permits harness racing on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Jacobs Well, Calypso Bay, Cabbage Tree Point

You will recall that a divisional allocation was made for the upgrade of the Village precinct at Jacobs Well. Council Officers ran into difficulty with the State due to its jursidiction over the Stapylton Jacobs Well Road (which continues between the Helmore Road roundabout and the boat ramp just before the Esplanade. Recent discussions with DTMR have been positive and we are back on track working towards delivering the upgrade.

Luscombe, Wolffdene and Cedar Creek

Residents of northern Gold Coast may recently have received correspondence from Visionstream on behalf of Ericsson regarding otential sites for NBN fixed wireless broadband facilities. The letters include information and examples of wireless structures of 30-40m height and seek in principle support from property owners to locate structures on suitable land. The NBN is an initiative of the Federal Government, however planning approvals are necessary for these structures. Unfortunately, applications that involve essential telecommuications facilities do not require public advertising and do not invite comment from the community. If you require further information, please contact the Member for Forde at bert.vanmanen.mp@aph.gov.au.


Villawood has commenced the sale of 155 rural allotments between 4,000m2 and 13,500m2, at Upper Ormeau Road Kingsholme. The company is renowned for its proactive relationship with community and it’s good to welcome a professional group with a good track record (investing over $50 million in our city) and to know they are keen to meet community expectation.


Hooning continues to be an issue in the vicinity of Norwell Road. Council has approached the State to support the installation of some type of preventative measure at the intersection of Norwell Road and the Stapylton-Jacobs Well Road. Recent roadwork and linemarking has been undertaken on Norwell Road and it's disappointing to see the new work so quickly damaged by irresponsible behaviour.

Ormeau/Ormeau Hills

Council is conduting a speed awareness campaign to improve the local transport system safety. Ormeau Hills will launch the initiative which will involve portable speed awareness devices being in place on Ormeau Ridge Road for up to three months. The presence of these devices on local streest elsewhere has shown significant reductions in vehicle speeds.

Stockland will soon commence work to duplicate the roundabout at the intersection of Tillyroen Road and Peachey Road.

Council Animal Control officers are reviewing the possibility of relocating the Vennor Drive Dog Exercise area to Tillyroen Road on Peachey Road. This is due to ongoing dissatisfaction with parking arrangements in Vennor Drive.


As part of the 2015 Draft City Planning Scheme, Pimpama has been designated as a District Centre. There have been many applications lodged in recent months and it seems the area is set to boom. Next week I have a meeting with Bunnings and I understand two more northern stores are currently being planned.

Upper Coomera

You may have noticed the improved street plantings throughout Upper Coomera, especially in the roundabouts adjacent to the Landings and down Hargraves Road and in the centre median along Days Road. The hedges on Hargraves were removed due to driver safety but most residents seem happy with the result. An estimate is being sought for a replacement tree in the centre of the roundabout at Riverbrooke/Fawn/Hargraves.

Willow Vale

New play equipment has been installed at the Richardson Family Park at Willow Vale. This complements the existing structures and will allow families to enjoy the beautiful park land.


Work has been completed to provide for a more efficient waste management service in LockEvyn Court. The recently established collection area at Welches Park is working well, with no reported dumping as was feared may occur. The next stage of the Timberview Estate is well underway and it’s great to know that as a result of negotiations, the ridgeline has been protected from development. Thank you to the Meagher family for protecting this beautiful part of our city and ensuring the development proceeded in way sensitive to surroundings. I await the timeframe for our long-promised upgrades to Wongawallan Drive.


As of 9 July, no application has been lodged for the proposal to relocate Archerfield Speedway to Loves Road at Woongoolba. Despite a public meeting and advice that an application was soon to be lodged, this has not occurred. Perhaps there are difficulties in achieving compliance with noise criteria. Be assured I will keep you informed.


Roadwork is underway at Exit 38 (west side) to provide a slip lane from Stanmore Road past Yatala Pies to lessen congestion at the west side roundabout. This will complement the connection through Nyholt Street to the Martens Street Roundabout and modelling shows that it will make a great improvement to traffic movements, especially at peak times. This work was proposed by Council some years ago with the commitment of a divisional allocation and it's great to finally receive endorsement and a small contribution from DTMR to work which will become a State asset.


Official Opening of the Stanmore Road Upgrade Yatala October 2014

Coomera Soccer Presentation Day 13 Sept 2015

Celebrating the Gold Coast's Official Launch Outback Spectacular September 2015

Sod Turning for the Church of Latter Day Saints - Cnr Reserve Rd & Jessica Drive, Upper Coomera February 2015

Onsite inspection of the proposed Pimpama Village Shopping Centre